2008′s first weekend

The first weekend of hillcross went great. It was actually the first two races combined into one weekend with Saturday and Sunday being completely different races. I ended up winning four class, second in three, third in two, and top five in the rest. I had really good luck on the new Rev XP chassis. My set-ups and tuning of my 600 mod were running great, and I actually ended up running my 600 mod in all of the finals except the 500 class. It was pulling great holeshots and seemed to get me through the rhythm section right after the start much faster than I could on a regular Rev chassis. For Sunday, the Pro 500 class was canceled due to me being the only entry. It’s sad to see one of my best classes get canceled, but hopefully some more pros will show up and some of them will be willing to run the 500 class. All in all, it was a good weekend for me. I had good results and didn’t have any major issues with equipment or my body, other than being sore at the end of the day.

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