Mount Christie 2010

It was a tough weekend for me at Mount Christie. After my hospitalization, I’m done racing for the year. I was forced to just take starts in a few of my classes to make sure that I sealed up my points championships. It’s pretty tough watching your friends and competitors racing while sitting on a… Read more »

After the Crash

I’m back at home now. I’ve actually been out of the hospital and back at home since Monday night. I’m feeling pretty well too. I’ve still got some pain around where I had the chest tube, and that will take a while to heal up and be back to normal. Unfortunately it means that I’m… Read more »

Ski-Gull 2010: The Epic Crash

3Ski-Gull turned out to be not the greatest weekend for me. I raced well and made all of my finals- taking home two seconds, four thirds, and one fourth by the end of the day. The trouble I had with the weekend was actually with my first race of qualifying for the weekend. It had… Read more »

Quadna Mountain Park 2010

Quadna was another good weekend for me. It wasn’t quite the domination that I had the first weekend, but all in all it was a good weekend. The competition was tougher this weekend with the Bauerly Racing trailer showing up and Chad and Kurt both racing in the Pro ranks. It also marked the return… Read more »

Mount Itasca 2010

The first race of the year went awesome! I ended up winning 20 of the 22 races I was in. The sleds were both running great, and I had a nice line figured out on the track. MSRA and Mt. Itasca put on a great show. The racing went really smoothly; you would never guess… Read more »

2010 Practice

Practice at Planet X this weekend went well. It’s the first time I’ve really been out on the sleds for the year and they seemed to be running great. Now it’s time to get the new graphics on in time for the first race. A special thanks to Fastline Graphix in Duluth, MN for getting… Read more »