After the Crash

I’m back at home now. I’ve actually been out of the hospital and back at home since Monday night. I’m feeling pretty well too. I’ve still got some pain around where I had the chest tube, and that will take a while to heal up and be back to normal. Unfortunately it means that I’m not able to finish out the season racing. I’m still thinking that I might take the starts at the final MSRA race this weekend for points, if that means that I can still win some of the classes in overall points. It will be a last minute decision based on how the points standings shake out and how many pro riders are signed up to race. I’d really like to take home some championships this year as I was racing really well, but we’ll see how things work out. I’m happy to have my health and I shouldn’t have any long term side effects from this accident either. A big thanks to everyone that stopped to see me in the hospital and for all of the messages, e-mails, and phone calls wishing me well. A special thank you to my girlfriend Kimberly for staying with me the whole time in the hospital, and also to my parents for spending the extra time in Brainerd with me and driving back and forth to get everything home.

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