Brainerd 2008

My hard work over spring break seemed to pay off. The race was in Brainerd, MN and I finally got my 800 to run competitively. It took me up until midnight the night before the races, but it is running MUCH better and my results show that. I still had some bad luck with starts, and did have a crash in qualifying, but the finals went fairly smooth for me. I won the Jackson X class, took second in Pro 700 and 800, and third in Pro 600. I took 4th in Pro 900 and 8th in Pro Open, but those were primarily due to bad starts. I was really pleased to have Les and Jayne Harkonen come with to the races. Les got me involved in motor sports and is always helpful with set-ups and mechanical advice, and Jayne was in the crowd cheering me on and helping my mom out while she took pictures. I’d also like to thank her for showing up and taking photos. WIthout her, I would not have nearly as many or as nice of photos on this site.

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