Cascade 2008

Cascade Mountain was another successful race. My 600 sled was running great as always, and even lead me into the finals as the top qualifier in both Pro 600 and 700. In both those finals, I nailed the holeshot and got out to an early lead, but both times got kicked sideways about 2/3′s of the way up the hill making for extremely close finishes that left me in second place both times. I was having some difficulties with my 800 again, this time with some rear suspension problems due to pretty hard landings. It’s been frustrating having my 600 run so well with relatively little effort compared to my 800, but I think that everything is finally falling into place for the 800. I’ve made a lot of changes to it lately and I think I finally have them all working together properly. I’m looking forward to next weekend, as it’s as close to a hometown race that I get, and the far away races are finally done for the year. I also just finished what is supposed to be the hardest class of the first year of medical school. That frees up some extra time for racing and also clears my head a little more so I can focus on the final two races.

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