Mont Du Lac 2009

It was the first time I’ve had the chance to race at Mont Du Lac in Superior, WI. The weekend ended up alright, with me making all of my finals and taking home two podiums. Qualifying on Saturday was not my strongest showing. If I could keep the sled pointed straight up the hill, I won, but the rest of the times I was getting kicked sideways in the air and finishing in the back of the pack. I managed to always stay on the sled and keep myself from getting injured, but it meant that I had to go through a couple of LCQ’s on Sunday morning to make all my finals. On Sunday I managed to do quite well for having last pick on the line for the majority of my races. I made the left side of the track that no one else liked work for me and managed two podiums and top 5 in 5/6 of my classes. My back was getting pretty sore though, and I sat out the long jump contest.

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