Park X 2009

Park-X was one of the worst weekends I’ve had in quite a while. There was a corner in the track, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve tried to navigate a corner with 5 other racers at a time. It was a double header weekend with Saturday and Sunday being completely separate races. Saturday I ended up with a second, a third, a four, and a fifth. Not as well as I was hoping, but it was my first time racing a sled in almost a year, and my first time racing through a corner in two or three years. Sunday morning started off well. I was feeling fast and qualifying well, but things didn’t stay that way for long. The groomer was broken, which meant that the track was in less than moderate condition with racers uncovering some very hard spots in the track. I managed to find one of those in the the form of an ice boulder right in the landing of one of the jumps. It kicked me and my snowmobile sideways into the face of the next jump, and needless to say I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to ride this one out. I bailed mid-air and managed to find a nice patch of ice to land on with my lower back and tailbone. It completely knocked the wind out of me, and as soon as I tried to get up I knew my day was over. I loaded the sleds up and headed back towards Duluth to go to Urgent Care for some x-rays. Luckily they couldn’t find any fractures in my lower back/tailbone, but there was a few days where I wasn’t sure if they were right. Good thing there’s an off weekend coming up, because I’m going to need some time to heal on this one.

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