Quadna Mountain Park 2010

Quadna was another good weekend for me. It wasn’t quite the domination that I had the first weekend, but all in all it was a good weekend. The competition was tougher this weekend with the Bauerly Racing trailer showing up and Chad and Kurt both racing in the Pro ranks. It also marked the return of Alex Roufs of Hammertyme Racing who is another great Pro class rider. Combine that with a narrow track that only allowed 4 racers to the finals, and it made for some fierce competition. The track consisted of two doubles, a triple, and a rhythm section of rollers right before the finish line. It had it’s share of big air with the triple, and the rhythm section is a good change of pace for hillcross. It was much more of a technical track with big air/short distance jumps than I’m used to. In the end, I made all 7 of my finals and was even the #1 qualifier in Pro 800. I ended with one win in the finals, three 2nds, and three 3rds.

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