Spirit Mountain 2008

Spirit Mountain marks the last snowmobile race of the season, and another season has gone by without any major problems. Results wise, it was actually the worst race of the season for me, but the competition was very tough. There were over 20 Pro’s there, and with the track conditions only 6 were going to make it to the final. I ended up winning the Jackson X final, along with 4th’s in both Pro 900 and Open. I missed the 600, 700, and 800 finals by small margins in the LCQ’s. It’s frustrating to miss finals, but I was racing well all weekend, just had some mechanical issues and bad luck that kept me from making all my finals. I ended out Sunday with a 3rd in the Pro King of the Hill race, and a 5th in the long jump competition. Overall it was a good season. I had a lot more wins than last year, and a ton of seconds. I ended up being the 2nd overall Pro, which is great accomplishment.

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